About us

Crecer, Inc is a Psychotherapy Center that provides bilingual, competent and comprehensive professional psychotherapy services to individuals, children/adolescents, couples, and families. The Center also offers professional trainings, community-based seminars and clinical supervision. Crecer’s foundress and president, Priska Imberti, conducts proficient and effective family and individual evaluations for all immigration-related processes as well as expert witness testimonies for U.S. Immigration Courts.

About the center

Crecer, which means ‘to grow’ in Spanish, is a process through which a living organism becomes larger, more mature, better developed in different and multiple aspects. To grow psycho-emotionally and in relation with others is a human right and a responsibility that sometimes includes the need and/or desire to engage in a psychotherapy experience that can help us feel better equipped to engage in a necessary changing and healing endeavor.

About Priska

Priska Imberti, LCSW-R, BCC is a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Social Work and Family Therapy. After completing a graduate program at the Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City, she became a Board-Certified Couch, a Family Business Advisor; and a Divorce and Family Mediator. She obtained The Harvard Global Mental Health Program on Refugee Trauma certificate; and also became a Clinically Certified Human Trafficking Victims Services Provider from the National Association of Forensic Counselors (NAFC).

“Assisting my clients using a strength-based, culturally-sensitive practice approach, emphasizing their self-determination, inner strengths, resourcefulness and resilience in the face of adversity in this complex, ever changing world has, undoubtedly, become the core of my healing practice and what personally and professionally motivates me to continue my life’s work to the service of others.”